Our mission is to unite the conscious population in fuelling the body & mind by making

Since 1999 Vitao has been offering London a sanctuary to enjoy the compassionate path to true health. By using a universally inclusive approach that caters to all main diet principles, we wish to show that a nutritious, sustainable, vegan lifestyle never have to compromise on taste or enjoyment.



Since we opened over fifteen years ago we have worked tirelessly to ensure we remain at the frontier of health food eating in the UK, our philosophy really is simple: natural whole-foods are best. We combine this with a universally inclusive dietary approach to ensure we can help everybody find the path to optimum wellbeing.

Studies have shown that a well-planned, nutritious, vegan diet delivers extraordinary benefits to your health. Included are significantly lower rates of heart-disease, cancers, and type-2 diabetes. Furthermore you can expect to enjoy better sleep, skin, and digestion. We also believe that following a compassionate, Earth-friendly diet can nourish your mind as well as your body.

'The gods created certain kinds of beings to replenish our bodies; they are trees, plants, and seeds.' - Plato


We serve a selection of sprouted legumes, germinated grains, nuts & seeds. In this form they are much easier for our bodies to digest, adding the benefits of increased nutrient uptake and alkaline-forming in your body.

As well as cutting edge nutritional principles, the heed the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda in the preparation of our food and drinks. This means we can balance your mind as well as your body.

Natural wholefoods and fresh, premium, ingredients are the foundation of all of our recipes. We strive to ensure all our ingredients are organic unless certification is unavailable. Containing a higher level of nutrients, including antioxidants, and no harmful pesticides, organic produce supports the health of our planet and everyone on it. 

We have been serving gourmet living food since the 90s; to provide dishes in their highest nutritional state our living food either comes completely raw or never heated above 48°C. This method maintains the maximum amount of enzymes, vitamins, & alkalis in our deliciously natural ingredients. 

Understanding the danger of sugary diets inspired us to offer alternatives in our cakes and savoury dishes, allowing you to indulge guilt-free. Our coconut and yacón nectar syrups each have a naturally low GI, meaning they are suitable for people with diabetes or candida.

The vegan diet is already free from cholesterol, but to take your health one step further we avoid all carcinogenic, mycotoxic, and highly acidic ingredients. This list of offenders just not just include animal-produce, but also plant-produce such as corns, peanuts & cashew nuts.

Using only water-based cooking methods means our food is never heated above 100°C. In this way, food is cooking very gently, ensuring maximum nutrient bioavailability and better digestive assimilation. This also avoids harmful carcinogens that can result from frying, baking, grilling, roasting or browning. 

All of our steamed and raw desserts are entirely gluten free - always have been, always will be. We also offer gluten free pasta, pancakes (made from buckwheat) & crackers (made from flaxseed). Gluten free foods are more gentle on your digestive system and prevent you from developing allergies caused by excessive wheat or gluten consumption.   

By utilising our nutritional philosophies we aim to create food that can help you achieve...

Love and respect for our beautiful planet is at the heart of everything we do, we are proud to serve food
that does not cost the earth.

Most of our beautiful, natural furniture is made from up-cycled materials. For example, our tree chairs were crafted (by ourselves) from reclaimed wood & and our cushion covers are recycled coffee bean sacks!

All of our electricity comes from renewable sources, primarily wind-power, reducing our ecological footprint (or 'foodprint').

By ensuring all of our disposables (including our take-away boxes, straws & coffee cups) are biodegradable and obsessively recycling everything else, we've almost eliminated our contribution to land-fill.

Choosing organic & natural foods avoids the use of artificial chemicals & harsh processes to create our food.

We often find our stainless steel buffet plates to be the talk of the town! Being a busy restaurant means we use a lot of plates everyday, so we love them as they are the most durable & reusable plate we know. They almost never need replacing and are easy to clean, meaning they are both very hygienic and use less hot water than their ceramic cousins. We also carry this ethos through to our stainless steel water cups & cutlery.

Our aqueous cooking methods leave no burnt-on mess, so there is never a need for harsh chemical cleaners!